miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Go ahead, hate me

Due to a sudden hysteria that has been born from the other day’s English training (you guys DON’T need to buy stupid games to improve), I can’t help retrying to write a coherent text in English. Besides, there’s that scientific issue I want to share with you. Oh, and also some message of hatred and contempt towards some people I do not remember right now, though I did know when planning to type this out. Anyway, let’s get started.

While it is true that I don’t enjoy my postgraduate studies, it is undeniable that I am learning some interesting things (along with tons of rumors I am not allowed to tell or I forget as soon as I hear them). As a matter of fact, today I got my first session (out of three) of scientific journalism (direct translation). We did not learn much about how to write an article about evolution, oceanography or animal cell change, but we did see a passionate performance of a man completly mad about science, and I loved it so much. Let me explain myself; I've been studying languages, grammar and a 'lil pronounciaion my whole life, but my inheritance of thirst for truth and knowledge (thanks, dad!!) makes me worship physics, chemistry and evolution among other disciplines too. That is why I was overwhelmed by a speech about people's lacking of common sense and two fingers of front (dos dedos de frente).

Some may be surprised at me, for I don't usually explain on the net my views on topics such as love, time, light and blablabla. However, I gather with some pals of mine all Sunday evenings in order to talk about life and the universe, and we've covered those topics A LOT. We want now to find a physicist so we get explanations to things we don't master, which are A LOT too (if youre interested, we meet in Bilbao, so just drop a comment and we'll contact you). I guess I'm not having my best day to explain how interested I am in science, but you see, my pupils are dilated and I can't think well (the same way I need to see perfectly to clearly understad someone talking - genetic mess, don't ask), so I'll leave this part for now.

Fortunately, while I was listening to the latest Arcadia Gamers podcast, I remebred who I hate so much. Yesterday I read the lead of this article (actually a very similar one, but not exactly that - look, here's another one), and it gave me the creeps. I was more than shocked; I was terrified! People are actually thinking of killing themselves for not being able to live on that goddam planet! Planet schmanet, Janet!! We are talking about a place where death is all around!! It is a planet in which we humans could never (or barely) survive in any possible manner if we were sent there right away. WHAT THE HECK!? IT IS FUCKIN' FICTION!!!! Everyone has wished that our world was a 'lil more fantastic, and that's okay, but even thinking of killing oneself because it is not is way too preposterous! Do not try to convince me of respecting those folks' lives, for I shan't change my mind. I hate them, those little bastards of weakest mind. Good thing (for them) I am not the ruler of the world.

Pandora's myth takes on a new meaning after reading about the depressions and suicides.

I am sure some of you readers will put the shout on the sky (poner el grito en el cielo) and exclaim I am such an extremist; well, I confess. But I think my beliefs are justified. We are going through a time in which inforation flows like rivers and there are oceans of knowledge where we could swim. That, my dear friends, is the greatest blessing any human being could desire. Had any of the most notable men in history had the opportunity to dive into the smallest of those oceans (let's say he goes to a lake), he'd have been able to double, if not treble, hiscontribution to science, art or whatever discipline he was keen to explore. And how do we use or take advange of that kownledge? Willing to kill ourselves for a world of fiction that stars a terribly awful film. I am not ashamed to think the way I do, and I don't think I ask too much. I'm just saying we MUST have some common sense and critical thinking. I know many people are not into reflexion and all that crap, but just a smallest speck of interest in the world around us would be more than enough for them to be redeemed.

You're lucky I didn't write that down in Spanish for I'd have been so very unpleasant and insolent. I tolerate ignorance (I am not that smart, you know? Hehe), but I do NOT tolerate lack of interest. Not at all.

Well, it's been quite a pain that I made you read, hasn't it? And now you see part of my "dark" face. All that glitters isn't gold, after all. I just hope you'll be able to live with that. See you soon then ;).

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