martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Hello, world!

Today's post has two main aims: to explain my ways when writing in English and to present you my latest reward for tis blog: the delicious brand Mr. M2Hero has awarded me with!!! That's the second token of appreciation I get since I began.

Well, frist things first. Thank you very much, M2Hero, for that delicious mention on your blog and for allowing me to brag once more about how excellent "Chapel of the heretics" is xD. Anyway, you can see the prize for my efforts on the blogroll, just beneath the Honest Scrap. The social convention forces me to recommend you readers to pay a visit to Mr. M2Hero's blog, "Lobo en el lodo". As I said few months ago, it is a nice site to visit, where one can find all sort of articles, but if it was to be calissified, it's a blog about films, cooking (COOKING M2HERO!! - Geez, you have the perfect name for that section now! xD Ask Nintendo to introduce you as a unlockable character for the next "Cooking Mamma"!) and videogames (a 'lil bit). This isn't vain propaganda, pals, so just go there and drop some comments from my behalf, ok?

Mmmmm... Closticious!

And nooooww... Yes! It's time to explain my "style". I want to do this because this posts lacks paragraphs and also because I think I've lost a great deal of my writing skills. I felt so stupid when I started the degree and had to do almost everything in English, and now I feel the same way, since it's been more than six months that I last wrote something in Engish. I have no problem reading, but trying to remind the old tricks and fluency is a different thinggy. Sounds cool, right?

Well, as I was saying before the saint went to Heaven ("se me fue el santo al celo" - hehe, I just love that kind of crap :p), I have come to the conclusion that English is a completly perverted language and I don't usually treat it right. So, although you think this text is not that "abusive", wait for me to show you my true using of the English language, full of quotes of things I like (such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 'coule of comics, series and so many other cool stuff), abbreviations (actually, vulgar vords) and so on.

I admit this first trial has been an utter waste of time and an example how not to write in English ever. Still, I am sure I'll be able to recall the good ways after some more sadisticly-hardcore-English-flagelation exercise.I promise this'll be good.

2 comentarios:

M2Hero dijo...

Bueno, veo que no me ha costado mucho hacerme con el sentido del texto sin problemas, aunque sí que no me atrevo a responderte en inglés xD. Lo que me he podido partir de risa con lo del Cooking Mama, tendría que preguntarle a Nintendo, como bien dices, a ver si me añaden en futuras versiones del juego (aunque que mi nombre coincida con su personaje más famoso les echará un poco para atrás xD).

Buena primera prueba, me voy a leer el siguiente xD.

Un saludo.

Closto dijo...

:) Bueno, es una primera intentona. Poco a poco lo haré haciendo mejor. El segundo es un poco menos diplomático xD.